Information on breakages, damages and chipping of paving products

Information on breakages, damages and chipping of paving products

We get a lot of enquiries about what is classed as fit for purpose and what isn't, especially on the sawn edge products.  

The products we sell are intended for outdoor use and the majority of them travel 3000 miles to get to you so there may be the occasional chipped, scuffed or broken slab.  In a perfect world this would not happen but is often unavoidable.  The cheap prices of the goods reflect this and extra should be bought to accommodate for this.  Whilst we understand this may be frustrating, this is an unavoidable fact of this industry and is classed as acceptable not just by ourselves but also by the manufacturers.  It is a common misconception that there should be no chips like on indoor tiles however indoor tiles cost double the price and are half the thickness and are cut using very different tools which justifies the higher price tag.  

Lets put this problem into context with this analogy; you buy a loaf of bread that has a single slice that was torn in half or has a large air hole this slice is still edible while being defective and you wouldn't complain to the supermarket and request a new slice. The goods would not be classed as unsatisfactory or non-fit for purpose.  Comparatively, if one or two slabs are broken these can still be used in an area when a slab would have to be cut to fit in. If half your loaf was torn in half or mangled when you got home you would take it back to the supermarket and ask for a replacement.  

If there are substantial broken products greater than 10% we will do everything in our power to get them sorted for you.  We hope you understand our honesty and if you don't agree we recommend finding a local merchant that will allow you to hand pick out the slabs that you require.  (if you find one please let us know, surely they must exist...)

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