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Porcelain Paving - and some Black Friday deals!

As Black Friday rolls around again on Friday 30th November, we wanted to give back to our customers with some great deals on our porcelain paving. Porcelain is a relatively new addition to the landscaping market having only been around for 5 years, but it is an addition we welcome with open arms here at LSD.

Porcelain paving is also known as ceramic or vitrified, and these different names simply reference the varying levels of clay, sand and other different compounds within the slabs. It is the manufacturing process that makes these ceramics so unique, and an easy alternative to natural stone. The clay mixtures are fired to extremely high temperatures, the surfaces of the slabs are impressed with different textures and printed with colourings and patterns replicating those of natural stone.

The unique benefits here are extensive. The heated clay produces an extremely hard surface that in many cases is essentially scratch resistant, stain proof and weather resistant. This hardness means that porcelain paving has an extremely low water absorption rate when compared with natural paving such as sandstone or limestone. Low water absorption means less staining, a more uniform and predictable colouring, and greater durability as water cannot permeate the slabs and damage is prevented. 

For Black Friday 2020, we’re offering some of our favourite porcelain styles at some brilliant reduced prices! 

We have discounts on our Vitrified Porcelain Paving in Blau, a beautiful charcoal blue-grey with a slightly textured finish and sawn edges that will give your outdoor space a beautifully slick, modern look. We’ve also made reductions on the same style of Vitrified Porcelain Paving in Pompeii Beige, a lighter cream-beige colour that is easily cleaned and will really brighten up your garden. 

Many of our external suppliers have their own beautiful ranges of porcelain and subject to stock levels and availability we are including some of the best in our Black Friday sale. We are offering a discount on any Stonemarket porcelain products or Marshalls porcelain products (excluding Arrento) bought through our site, from now until Cyber Monday on 30th November!

When it comes to laying your great new slabs, we've got you covered with more Black Friday offers. We've discounted our Jointex Ceramic Pointing Mortar which is perfect for the more delicate edges of porcelain paving at 2mm or more. The compound is simply brushed into the joints in between the slabs and hardens as it dries, so is extremely easy to use. The weather-resistant surfaces of porcelain paving can often make it slightly more tricky to fix the base of the slabs to the ground beneath, which is why we recommend Pavetuf Priming Slurry. The slurry simply acts as a glue between the paving and the new mortar bed and is now on sale at a reduced price!

Vitrified Porcelain Paving in Blau


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