Grabo Plus - Our Top 5 Uses

An exciting new addition to our website, the Grabo Plus vacuum lifter is the tool of dreams for landscapers, builders, tilers, movers, and more. Here at LSD, we love the concept of this tool, which in simple terms is a handle that can be attached to almost any surface, making lifting so much easier and safer. Grabo Plus uses an electric vacuum pump and powerful suction cups which continually adjust to changing airflow and can carry up to 170 kilograms. The flexibility of the foam rubber seal around the suction cups allows it to easily adjust to almost any surface, even when wet, rough or porous. It is cordless for ease of use and transportation, with 2 rechargeable batteries each providing 1.5 hours of constant use and a 2 hour charging time. The new upgraded Plus model that we have just uploaded to our site includes a pressure gauge, waterproof on/off switch, and portable carry case.

Grabo Plus

If this hasn’t sold you already, we’ve put together a list of what we think are the top 5 uses for Grabo Plus, although the possibilities really do seem endless.

1. Paving and Tiling

When laying slabs and tiles Grabo Plus allows for greater accuracy and prevents injury caused by getting fingers trapped between edges, speeding up the process. We’re always looking for ways to make laying our slabs quicker and easier for our customers, especially as winter approaches and the days get shorter, colder, and wetter. Our popular Indian sandstone and limestone products are naturally porous, meaning that standard thumb-action suction cups fail to attach as air passes through the stone. Our concrete slabs are the same, but with Grabo Plus' quick response to changing air pressure, it is a real gift of a tool. On the other end of the spectrum, our porcelain slabs are smooth and non-porous yet still highly compatible with Grabo Plus.

2. Heavy concrete blocks, walling, and steps

With a lifting capacity of 170 kilograms (the weight of about two grown men!), Grabo Plus beats most standard lifting tools already on the market. Landscapers and construction workers often have to remove heavy blocks of stone or concrete from project sites which can cause some serious back injuries when done without assistance, so Grabo Plus facilitates a more stable lifting process. Our stone steps, walling blocks, and copings can be difficult to carry due to their weight, so we recommend Grabo Plus as a secure lifting handle that can be trusted.

3. Textured and dusty glass

The standard non-electric suction cups usually used to install glass panels are extremely unreliable on wet or dusty glass, and cannot gain suction at all on textured glass. The strength and adaptability of Grabo Plus' suction technology mean that slippery surfaces such as polished or wet glass are easily secured and lifted. The flexible foam seal of Grabo Plus molds effortlessly over bumps and dips on the surface of textured glass, just as it does on our slabs. The dust that accumulates naturally in active construction sites is no longer an annoying inconvenience when it comes to installing glass. This means fewer smashed windows, money saved, and happy clients!

4. Ladder anchor

One of the more innovative uses of Grabo Plus is in securing ladders to floors and walls in conjunction with their lifting straps to prevent the possibility of falling and causing serious injury. Straps are connected to the 4 holes at the base of its handle and then looped around the rungs of the ladder. Grabo is attached to the wall when using an extension ladder, and the tool is suctioned to the floor in between the feet of a stepladder and the straps tightened to create a sturdy tension. Its 170-kilogram capacity means that the force of tripping or slipping is entirely resisted and the ladder remains sturdy, preventing a nightmare fall.

5. Movers

A great partner for heavy lifting, Grabo Plus can of course be used to assist movers carrying heavy objects to and from homes. Particularly with big appliances such as fridges, washing machines, and ovens, the risk of back injury is high on top of the risk of damaging the item. A Grabo Plus handle on either side of a large fridge makes light work for two movers to carry, making trapped fingers or an obstructed view a worry of the past.

Grabo brings huge benefits to the labouring trade and elsewhere. Efficiency is increased as jobs are done quicker and more easily, injuries are prevented, and materials are secured such that breakages are avoided. Grabo is a one-time investment that will continue to save you heaps of money in the future, sustain your physical health, and keep your clients happy. ‘Grabo’ it before it’s gone!

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