Create the Feel - Cottage Garden

Cottage Garden Paving Ideas

Create The Feel - Cottage Garden

It isn't essential that you live in a cottage to create the outdoor living space of a rustic country cottage. In fact living in the country isn't a necessity. Given a blank canvas a rural cottage garden living space can be created with substantial planting and classic materials in just any normal back garden. The addition of paths and seating areas will help break up the areas of planting. If planting beds are not available the use of plant pots and planters really helps create a full floral scene. Let's have a look at the solutions available from our landscaping collection:

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  1. 1. The use of darker coloured plant pots creates a nice contrast against light buff patios.
  2. 2. Chimney pots, new and old, are a really good idea for creating the old look.  Chimney pots can be a great alternative to plant pots.
  3. 3. Using specially designed bricks as a path creates a rustic uneven look that gives the impression of age.
  4. 4. Use decorative aggregates, boulders and cobbles in the corners of the patio to liven it up.  Use contrasting colours to the paving.
  5. 5. Install an Arbour to sit on, relax and unwind.  Use climbing plants to cover and blend in.  Plant Lavender near to infuse wonderful smells.
  6. 6. Decorative stones are a great way to enhance the look giving it texture and definition at the edges of patios.
  7. 7. A centre piece or focal point can be added to the centre of the garden on its own or within a patio.
  8. 8. Use traditional plants and flowers:
  9.      a) Alliums - Early Flowering in Summer
  10.      b) Astrantia - Cottagey and Delicate
  11.      c) Lupins - Brilliant Colour
  12.      d) Marguerites - Fresh and Cheerful
  13.      e) Sweet Rocket - Amazing Fragrance
  14. 9.  Create height with an arch and climbing plants.
  15. 10. Use specially designed old looking paving to give the aged appearance.

Here is a video by Bradstone illustrating their Cottage Garden ideas: