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EASYJoint - Paving Grout - Mushroom - 12.5Kg

  • EASYJoint - Paving Grout - Mushroom - 12.5Kg EASYJoint - Paving Grout - Mushroom - 12.5Kg
  • EASYJoint - Paving Grout - Mushroom - 12.5Kg EASYJoint - Paving Grout - Mushroom - 12.5Kg

£44.10  per item

Quick Find Code: 009622
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The mushroom colour is the lightest colour and is best described as a light sandy shade.

EASYJoint is the original sweep-in jointing Compound and still the best truly "All Weather Paving Joint Compound" available and made in the UK. Do not be fooled by others making similar claims. Azpects sells tens of thousands of tubs of EASYJoint every month to satisfied customers all over the UK and to parts of Europe.

EASYJoint grout or jointing compound is a very quick, effective and aesthetically pleasing way to fill joints between paving, be it natural stone or concrete flags. It is suitable for all types of paving material provided there is a gap of at least 3mm wide and 25mm deep (narrow joint compound). As the name implies, EASYJoint is easy to use – simply soak the paving with water before commencing and then simultaneously sweep and wash the jointing compound into the joints, letting the water take the strain. Full instructions on how to joint paving and a demonstration video showing how to joint a patio can be found on this web site. If you cannot find what you are looking for on the Azpects site and need help on how to joint a patio or need any assistance with choosing the right hard landscaping product or how to use an EASY Range product, call our dedicated hard landscaping helpline where our trained staff will assist you. The result of using EASYJoint, to joint your paving, will be a paving gap that is completely filled without the need for kneeling and compressing the material by hand that will last for years. A strong joint that will resist the elements and stand the test of time - better than traditional jointing methods.

Available in 5 excellent colours EASYJoint is available to buy in 5 colours as shown below. Colours may vary slightly due to colour differences on monitors and may not be a true reflection of the final product.

Product Code
Quick Find Code 009622
Manufacturer EASYJoint
Manufacturer for Build No
Colour Mushroom
Container Coverage 1 tub covers 10sqm on a 15.3sqm patio pack of mixed size paving slabs, please see spec for indepth measurements
Container Size 12.5kg
Size N/A
Usage Instructions

Wet Application Method

This is the recommended method of application should be used wherever possible. Extreme caution is advised if contemplating using EASYJoint without water.

How to Use EASYJoint—Wet Application Method (Preferred Method)

Whilst it is possible to apply EASYJoint dry, as described elsewhere in this publication, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to lay it wet. There are exceptions to this; when temperatures are set to fall to 0˚ C before the joint has drained of water or where a strongly mixed foundation has been used, for say driveways etc.

Items required:

  • Appropriate quantity of EASYJoint
  • Hose with spray attachment
  • Medium bristle broom
  • Squeegee (optional)
  • Jointing Iron (optional)

Step 1 Wet the paving for a minimum of 10 minutes. Do not shortcut this process or worry if water settles in the joints - it will be displaced when the EASYJoint is swept in. The wetter the surface the better the end result - particularly with absorbent paving materials such as many varieties of natural stone.

Step 2 Open one bag and pour the contents onto the paving. If using the product for the first time, start with small quantities of EASYJoint, sufficient to work in a few minutes. NOTE. Do not pile up or leave EASYJoint standing in one spot, nor allow the paving to dry out with the compound on its surface. 

Step 3 Spread the EASYJoint across the surface with a squeegee or broom, allowing it to fall into the joints. TIP. Keep your eye on the areas where you are not working and ensure they remain very wet at all times. This is particularly important in warm or hot weather conditions.

Step 4 Once you have opened and spread one or two tubs, using a hose on a “fan” or “spray” setting, flush the compound into the joints to ensure it fully settles to the bottom. Again, do not worry about the amount of water being used. You can do this as often as you like—after each tub is fine. Remember - the wetter the better!

Step 5 Top up any sagging joints with more EASYJo in t. Don’t be concerned about the mess for you are about to wash it in again with more water, repeating the process in Step 4. Continue to “top up” and “wash in” until you are satisfied. NOTE. Keep all of the paving soaking wet all of the time. 

Step 6 Once all the joints are uniformly filled to within 1 or 2 millimetres of the surface of the paving, go over the entire area you have worked and apply a final gentle spray of water to wash away any final traces of compound from the surface. This also assists to obtain a relatively smooth finish to the joint, although it will have a slightly course texture. Should any fine traces of sand remain do not sweep them away yet. Wait until the joints of set hard, (see Step 7).

Step 7 Optional. For a finer texture to the joint, "point" (otherwise know as “strike”) the compound with a suitable jointing iron or similar tool. This exercise should be carried out when the water has drained away and the paving surface has started to dry out. Ensure that the joint is not too soft and soggy — in this way the final “shape” of the joint will remain intact as it dries hard. Finally, once the joint has set hard, a final sweep across the paving with a stiff broom, working diagonally to the joints, will remove any last traces of EASYJoint from the paving, including any that is left proud around the joint from the pointing exercise.

Dry Application Method

Step 1. Prior to using EASYJoint seal the paving surface and the joints with an appropriate sealant for the type of paving you are working with. In most instances, our own EASYSealSSP can be used. Please refer to the website for more advice. If considering EASYSealSSP ensure you follow the instructions supplied with that product. It is important that the edges as well as the surface of the paving are properly sealed because the natural oils inherent in the EASYJoint can be absorbed into the paving not only from the surface but also from the edges along the joints. Sealing the paving material prior to installation (before it is laid) will give the best result. If however that is not possible, then ensure the paving edges are sealed by applying the sealant with a low pressure garden sprayer. This is a two stage operation. First, run the nozzle of the spraying hose along the inside of the joint, fanning the liquid to ensure a coat is applied along both edges before secondly, applying a coat to the paving surface. We strongly recommend you apply two coats in the appropriate manner and timings as described in the instructions supplied with your sealant

Step 2. Allow the sealant to properly cure for at least 48 hours then test a small inconspicuous area before completing step 3 below. Complete the test by placing a spoonful of EASYJoint onto the surface of the sealed paving and letting it stand for 5 minutes before removing. Wash the paving surface to remove any surface oil traces. When dry there should be no visible trace of the EASYJoint.

Step 3. Once the sealant has cured, dampen the surface using a little water — do not allow water to settle in the joints. Follow steps 2 & 3 of the Wet Application Method as described on pages 4 & 5. More attention should be given to compacting the joints as without water to assist it is possible for the EASYJoint not to fully fill the joint, resulting in a weaker joint. Use a pointing trowel or similar tool to aid compaction.

Step 4. Sweep any excess EASYJoint from the surface of the paving. A little water may be used to assist the cleaning process but NOT MUCH; it is not desirable to have the joints filling with water.

Step 5. As with the Wet Application Method, if a fine texture to the joint is required, "strike" the compound with a suitable tool (see page 4 Step 7).

Step 6. If you have used the Dry Application Method because you are working with an impermeable base then you must protect the joint from rainfall for at least 36 hours or until the joint has set (if sooner), otherwise you risk the problems detailed earlier on this page.

Country of Manufacture United Kingdom

Our standard method of delivery for heavy items is using the pallet delivery network. The delivery will arrive on a lorry with an electric tailift and a hand pump truck. 

Access must be made for a lorry (up to 32ft) otherwise additional delivery charges may be payable. You must advise us of any restrictions that will impede the delivery vehicles from delivering the Products. The Products will be delivered to the kerbside outside. Our couriers are not insured to take goods onto your premises without permission. If you require the driver to come onto your property (at their discretion and deemed safe) with the wagon, the Products, or both, this is entirely at your own risk and if the driver or wagon damages anything (including but not limited to, manhole covers, tarmac driveways, block paved drives, flagged driveways / graveled or stoned driveways, grassed areas, walls, pillars, gate posts, gates, trees, hedges, telephone wires, lights) the cost of repair will be your responsibility.

Ensure that the delivery area is flat and solid enough to take the weight of a pallet truck carrying up to 1000kg in weight. Please note Gravel and Grass are not classed as solid and flat. If the delivery area is not flat the driver will require help in getting the pallets off the vehicle. If help cannot be given there will be a redelivery charge to deliver at a time when help can be given. If you live on a hill you will need to call us before you order to find out if our delivery company can deliver to your address. This is for health and safety reasons, usually the easiest method of getting around this is for the order to be delivered to the nearest flat ground. It will be your responsibility to move the goods to your property. Deliveries via hiab or moffet can be arranged but at an additional cost, click for further details.

Smaller items will be delivered via a parcel courier.   

All delivery methods will require someone to accept the delivery, check it over and sign that they have been received in good condition. Please note any damages on the delivery sheet / electronic device, do not use the product and contact us straight away.

Next day, AM/PM or even Saturday deliveries can be arranged at an extra cost. Please add your items to the shopping cart for an instant quote.

Pallet Deliveries

After your order has been dispatched you will be contacted on the phone (within 3 days), by your local pallet delivery company in your area, once they receive the goods from our local depot, to book-in a day that is convenient for you. (this will not occur on Timed, Next Day & Saturday deliveries)

Parcel Deliveries

After your order has been dispatched you will receive your goods within 2-3 days. No telephone book-in will occur.

Remember when handling your goods:

  • Take care when removing the packaging / banding and also when removing the product out of the crate / pallet as they may have weakened during transit and could be unstable.
  • The product is quite heavy, and some larger products can weigh a lot. Consider this when arranging the delivery, as you may need appropriate lifting equipment, or an extra pair of hands.

To ensure you prepare adequately for pallet deliveries please watch the video below for a comprehensive guide and also read the full delivery guide

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