Create the Feel - Heritage Garden

Heritage Garden Paving Ideas

Create The Feel - Heritage Garden

Having a large open garden means there are many things that can be done with it. One suggestion would be a heritage design, an old historic feeling garden. Here are our ideas and products that would be a great fit in any grand setting. Heritage gardens have large areas of paving with steps to match surrounded by greenery. Planters using an old technique like drystone walling would be perfect matched with some square shaped privet. Our ideas are as follows.

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  1. 1. Manor Paving is as close to yorkstone as you can get, here we see it in a raised patio area with Manor being used for all aspects walling, copings, steps and risers.
  2. 2. We have Balustrades which are perfect to lend a Roman feel to the garden. 
  3. 3. Abbey Earthen paving is a great mellow coloured stone that has been tumbled to give it that aged appearance.
  4. 4. Cut slate to make natural drystone walling planters or walls. Great for heritage gardens as they have an old time look.
  5. 5. Marshalls has a whole section on heritage including walling, paving and cobbles. This is the Yorkstone buff circle a great feature point in a garden.
  6. 6. Kielder Bronze is a great paving slab for the heritage look here it is paired with a lovely white conservatory.
  7. 7. Here we have a lovely English heritage garden made with Abbey Brown paving and with a circle.
  8. 8. Here we have a Kirkstallstone British sandstone wall, this is made from sandstone in the UK. We also have copings available to match.
  9. 9. Here we have Swaledale Charcoal paving with contrasting white fencing in a large open patio area, one of the fundamentals to a heritage garden.
  10. 10. Finally Courtyard Paving Old Grey is a great budget paving slab with an aged lo