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Single Size Paving Slabs

Single Size Paving Slabs

Here at Landscaping Supplies Direct, we know that sometimes, the best kind of patio is a simple one. These single size paving slabs are the perfect way to lay a patio or driveway quickly and easily. 

Using paving slabs of the same size means that you won’t need to design patterns or work out which slabs go where. This type of paving creates a sleek, classic look that relies on the pure look of the stone to do the work, instead of an intricate design. Buying a batch of the same paving slab sizes allows you to create a simple design that makes your patio a place to enjoy all year round. Our materials are all top quality, with paving options from brands like Marshalls, Strata and Stonemarket.

We stock a wide range of single size garden paving slabs in a variety of materials, including granite paving and our personal favourite, Indian sandstone. Our single size paving slabs come in a variety of colours from black and silver granite to polished mint and caramel Indian sandstone. This ensures that we always have just what our customers are looking for, no matter what garden style they are constructing. When purchasing paving slabs of any kind, it is vital to ensure you buy a good quality sealant. We stock a range of patio jointing compounds

Find our Full Range of Paving Slabs Here


Split Packs of Paving

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8 Products

Set Descending Direction

8 Products

Cheap Patio Slabs

Cheap patio slabs can be both attractive and functional - whether it’s a patio laid from natural stone, a feature garden path, or edging around your conservatory, our collection of patio stones includes everything you need for a stylish new look. Our durable concrete utility cheap paving slabs are an excellent choice for hard-wearing and functional paved areas. Choose from a wide range of colours such as greys, yellows, and reds for a complementary yet cheap and functional enhancement.

At you can shop our patio paving slabs by style, length, width, and thickness required. Our concrete pavers come in a range of different surface finishes such as coarse, riven, smooth and textured for a in a choice of neutral colours. If you’re looking for beautiful natural stone, we have everything from natural sandstone and limestone to granite, ceramic porcelain, and slate.

Limestone paving and sandstone slabs make superb patio pavers and our outdoor porcelain pavings is a high-performance and low-maintenance, easy to clean design solution. Shop our ranges of grout, jointing mortar and other paving accessories to give your patio the perfect finishing touch. We also provide concrete, aggregate, sands, and landscape membranes, alongside great sealants to protect, preserve and enhance the colour of your stone.

High-Quality Patio Slabs

The right choice of paving slabs, stones, flags, aggregates and sealants can rejuvenate even the most outdated tired-looking garden and transform it into a truly welcoming outdoor oasis wherever this may be. Create a gorgeous space to soak up the sun or even an outdoor space that could add as much as 20% to the value of your home – get in touch let us help you find the right paving and patio slabs for your garden.

Whatever the size of your garden or how complex and intricate your plans and designs may be, our outstanding range of paving and patio solutions can bring your ideas to life with multiple materials, colours and styles to choose from. Here at LSD we have products to suit any requirement or design plan – so why not browse our range to find what you’re looking for and get started on creating your exciting new outdoor space today?

What are patio slabs?

Patio slabs are used to create outdoor patios and paved areas, as well as edgings and paths. Flags are one of the core building materials in the construction trade that will help you on the journey to your dream garden. They are flat and usually available in rectangle or square shapes. Paving slabs have a wide range of uses from patio paving, paving circles as well as to create pathways and edges around your home and garden.

However, paving slabs are not recommended when you are constructing a driveway. Driveway block paving is designed specifically for this purpose due to its special shape and thickness.

What types of paving slabs do you supply?

Here at LSD, we can meet any of your size, colour, shape and style requirements to create a perfect patio.

In our natural stone collection, for example, we stock exquisite indian stone paving sourced directly from from various regions in India renowned for their high quality stone with beautiful natural veining. With rustic and contemporary colour schemes and riven, smooth or textured profiles, these pavers are a great choice to recreate any mood. Go for that charming cottage garden feel, with riven sandstone, limestone or granite in a range of colours from sagar black to raj green. 

If you prefer a more modern and contemporary feel to your outdoor space, then our high quality range of porcelain paving slabs  is full of great options.These sleek slabs bring a stunning level of sophistication to any outdoor set-up or entertaining space. Porcelain is also extremely hard-wearing and non-porous which makes them so easy to clean as wiping away water-based stains is a breeze. No need to buy a sealant with this option. 

It’s not just your patio that can receive a LSD-inspired spruce up, either. Our popular carpet stones and paving setts, inspired by the cobblestones of old European streets, are perfect for pathways, edgings and any garden feature. Lay a rustic walkway around beautiful flower beds or a practical path to protect your lawn as people walk to the shed.

Which paving slab sizes are available?

Within our paving collection, we offer a huge selection of paving slab sizes that can each dramatically change the look of your patio depending on shape or size.
Our square pavers are a great option for that uniform look to your paved area. This is a neat aesthetic that would look great in contemporary spaces that value uniformity over more rustic variation.

As for our rectangular pavers, these are great for making your garden look bigger with an illusion of more space. It’s a subtle effect but the elongated rectangular shape stretches out a patio, so you really get value for money with these. You can coordinate your driveway accordingly with our StoneMaster block paving range, to ensure uniform colour and texture from front to back.

To create a traditional look you’ll want to use both rectangular and square pavers on your patio – which is super easy with LSD’s handy patio packs. These collections include many different dimensions, combining effortlessly for a classic, lived in finish.

What colour patio slabs do LSD stock?

LSD has a wide selection of patio slabs in different colours, from brown, green, buff, beige, pink, rose, red, white, grey, black and more. 

For a paving colouring that complements any contemporary aesthetic, opt for grey paving slabs. Alternatively, if you’re looking to make a moody and stylish patio statement, our black paving collection brings a bold finish to your outdoor space and will create a beautiful contrast with surrounding plants and foliage. Our distinctive Porcelain Tiles in blue-black, for instance, combines the traits of aged slate with an interesting blue shade to create a dramatic paving tile.

You could even add a splash of warmth with our collection of red and ochre paving. These rich earthy tones coordinate well with wooden benches and tables, whilst bringing a hint of the European for a perfect sun-soaked alfresco area.

How much are paving slabs?

From affordable paving slabs to more high end pavers, LSD can provide for all budgets with prices starting from £22 per m2.

Porcelain paving, for example, is one of our most popular high end paving materials, with prices starting from £33 per m2. Porcelain is an investment which pays off in the long run. Its outstanding and unique qualities make it easy to maintain and stain resistant with a high-quality printed surface colour that won’t fade like natural stone.

At the cheaper end of things is or Cheap Budget Paving collection. These cheaper slabs prices start from £22 per m2 and are the perfect option for those who don’t want to break the bank. Despite the affordable price tag we don’t let the quality slip in this range either; our affordable paving boasts the same great standard of all of our products and can be used for any of your paving projects.

Can you lay patio slabs on building sand?

Building sand is not enough to secure paving, wherever you are laying them. Instead, you should use a mixture of sharp sand and cement, so that the flags are secure. In order to ensure your patio lasts, you also need a cement mortar mix to guarantee longevity.

The perfect ratio for a strong mortar bed consists of 4 parts building sand and 1 part cement, which can be easily mixed together in a wheelbarrow or bucket. This ratio should make for the perfect patio once your slabs are laid.

What are patio stones and slabs?

If you want to create eye-catching, long-lasting patios and garden paths that will stand up to the elements and the test of time, patio stones or slabs are your most ideal and popular option. Our LSD range includes exciting paving circles as well as traditional square and rectangular shapes. These are great to add an attractive focal point to your garden to place furniture on or simply use and an eye-catching feature. 

What can paving and patio stones be used for?

Garden paving and patio stones are great for anyone considering revitalising their outdoor spaces – they can even be used on balconies and roof terraces.

Whether you are looking to replace an existing patio or law brand new slabs, our patio stones give you a great and varied selection for adding a beautiful paved area or outdoor space to your home. The options are endless with the function of your new patio but here at LSD we guarantee quality. Al fresco dining, summer entertaining or simply to be at one with nature are just a few of the many options.

Paving stones are not just for the simple patio. If you want to lay a path or stepping stones that contrast effortlessly with the other colours and styles in your garden, we have the products for you. We can also supply a wide range of steps for that finishing touch or beautiful entrance to your home.

How do you choose the right patio slabs for your garden?

With patio slabs available in a variety of styles, shapes, colours and materials, it can be difficult to make the right decision for your dream garden. At LSD we can help you make your final decision on the style of garden and patio tiles that will enable you to achieve your exciting vision.


Colour is an important factor when choosing your flags, as this can decide the overall style of your outdoor space. Having a colour palette in mind is a great place to start, even if you’re unsure about textures or materials. Luckily at you can narrow down your selection based on colour palates and have a browse of all your great options.

Looking for something understated that brings more colour into your garden? Why not consider the warm, natural tones. For a bolder contrast to the natural environment, try dark greys, blacks and blues. 

Shapes and sizes

To really get the best from your garden, our range of patio paving comes in loads of different measurements. Since all outdoor spaces are different, it is important to get the right paving shapes to suit the natural flow of your garden.


You’ll be able to find the right style, texture and finish at LSD to ensure your garden has that personal touch. From smooth, riven, textured and many more you will find the right finish for you. 


To keep your garden or patio looking its best for as long as possible, it can be worth thinking about these factors when choosing your garden slabs:

Use/purpose of the space: What is the space you’re creating for? If it’s a heavy-use access path, you might prefer a more resilient material such as limestone or granite as the traffic will lead to quicker wear and tear. It may also be worth considering a product with non-slip qualities. Most of our tiles come with their own slip rating so you can consider safety in the rainy UK.

Location: Where are you laying your garden paving? In some conditions, algae and moss growth can be a problem as well as weeds and varying moisture levels. Minerals in the soil can sometimes permeate natural stone and stain the tiles. Vitrified patio slabs can help reduce organic growth as they are so non-absorbent. For swimming pool areas, consider concrete or natural stone paving and prevent slipping.

Weather: For particularly cold or wet locations, it can be even more important to get the right patio slabs. Non-slip options are certainly advisable in rainy locations. The less water a slab absorbs, the safer it will be in these wet conditions. 

Buy patio slabs online from LSD

Buy our Patio Slabs and get the best value for money. If you have any questions or want to find out more details about our range of patio paving slabs, just give us a call on 0845 077 3838 or 01142 310 911 or send us a message via the Contact Page. A member of our friendly team will be more than happy to answer your queries and offer professional paving advice.