Create the Feel - Small Space Garden Paving

Small Space Garden Paving Ideas

Create The Feel - Small Space Garden Paving

No garden is too small, its just how you use the space to its maximum potential that counts. Use your imagination and the correct products for the space and you can have that usable space , or simply a graden that looks stunning. Lets try and make use of every nook and cranny and turn the bad points about a small space into good points. There are various options available to you from our landscaping collection:

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  1. 1. The use of smaller cobbles or carpet stones give the effect of space and also a lot of versatility for use of the imagination.
  2. 2. Rather than having lots of small cuts of paving to go around the edge and border, why not use pebbles and decorative chippings.  Small plants can be added as a feature.
  3. 3. Planked or linear paving gives the impression of depth and helps a smaller garden appear larger than it is.  Basically an optical illusion.
  4. 4. Why not just use a paving circle as a complete feature.  Just go straight for the wow factor so you dont even notice the size of the garden.
  5. 5. Add decorative items such as rockery stones or cobbles to edge the garden paving as a border feature.
  6. 6. Use a eye catching feature like a millstone or different sized planters to add vibrancy and appeal.
  7. 7. If space for flower beds is limited then use pots and planters to get flowers and folliage in your garden space.
  8. 8. Mixing different styles of paving is an effective way of creating a visually stunning effect with not too much extra outlay of money.
  9. 9. Create a herb garden using pots at various different heights.  Not only is this practical but will create wonderful smells and aromas.
  10. 9. Try and stick to a colour scheme or 2 colour of flowers so the garden doesnt look too busy. As the quality of nutirents in the soil is limited try the following plants:
  11.      a) Skyrocket juniper has a tall, conical form
  12.      b) Roman chamomile, retains color in winter, and the white and yellow, small flowers resemble daisies.
  13.      c) Marigolds give a splash of sunny yellow and bright green leaves, they are annually flowering.
  14.      d) Snowdrop, Galanthus nivalis -  first of the spring bulbs to emerge after winter.
  15.      e) Salad leaves such as rocket, mizuna, mibuna and pak choi.
  16.      f) Foxglove tree, Paulownia tomentosa, can grow to quite a height.


Terraced House Back Garden Project

One of our customer's kindly sent in photos of their project.  They had a long thin garden at the rear of their terraced house.  The garden sloped away from the house.  It was decided that they would split the garden into two levels.  One with grass, with stepping stones on, leading to the paved area for their BBQ and table and chairs.  The paving of choice is a charcoal indian limestone paving.  We are just awaiting photos of the final product, but have been assured they are almost ready.

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