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Supplier to BBC Eastenders 2015 
Props Store

LSD was delighted to find out that it had supplied the BBC Eastenders TV show with stone ornaments for its prop store to be used on its award winning TV series.  Let's hope Phil Mitchell doesnt smash them in one of his angry outbursts!


Paving Supplier to ITV This Morning 2012
Sowing the Seeds of Love

ITV This Morning

Landscaping Supplies Direct is proud to put something back into the community by supplying ITV This Morning Show with its "Sowing the Seeds of Love" Series with its paving.  The paving supplied was Natural Indian Sandstone Rippon Buff from its own imported range of paving. Diarmuid Gavin and his gardening team transform the gardens of some very deserving people.

ITV Paving Before ITV Paving After

ITV Paving


  ITV This Morning Show

Paving Supplier to Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2011
The world´s largest flower show

Landscaping Supplies Direct is proud to be the supplier of Stonemarket's UK sourced Natural Sawn Stone Paving Cromwell to the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2011.  The stone was cut by the customer into planks to give the impression of greater depth to the show garden.

Hampton Court Palace
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Hampton Court Palace Flower Show the world´s largest flower show and is a fantastic experience for garden lovers and those looking for unbeatable inspiration. This year LSD is supplying one of the 6 English Poet´s Gardens show gardens that celebrate historic poems written by Keats, Shelly, Byron, Wordsworth, Kipling and Lewis Carroll.

Garden Design

The supplied garden is called "On the Sea by John Keats", designed by Barry Chambers of Changing Scenes. 
"Keats´ sonnet "On the Sea" was written in April 1817 on the Isle of Wight. He writes of how the sea has a way of washing away the mundane, stressful ties of human existence with its wild unbound nature. Gardening can provide a similar escape yet many still seek control and perfection in their garden. This design rejoices in chaos. Like a stormy sea, many of the plants are exuberant and out of control. But the restricted colour palette provides relief for the senses similar to that to which Keats refers in his poem. Above the archway (the mouth of a cavern) the three faces of the Titan God Hecate emerge from the chalk cliff."

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The garden ended up winning one of the top prizes for the whole show, the Gold Medal for the English Poets Gardens and both Barry Chambers (Changing Scenes) and David Pickard (LSD) were extremelly pleased with the overall result.  Not only did the result act like a pat on the back for all the hard work but it also secured business from prospective customers both for the design or gardens and the supply of paving.  Please browse through the photos below.

  Hampton Court Palace   Cromwell Paving
 Hampton Court Palace
 Stonemarket Cromwell Paving
Bumble Bee Cromwell Paving Photo
 Bumble Bee  Flower Arrangement
David Pickard (LSD) & Barry Chambers (Changing Scenes) Barry Chambers (Changing Scenes) & Camilla
 David Pickard (LSD) & Barry Chambers (Changing Scenes)
 Barry Chambers (Changing Scenes) & Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
Gold Medal Winner & Supplier List John Keats Poem
 Gold Medal Winner and Supplier List  John Keats Poem on which the Garden was Based
Cromwell Paving Rear View
 Cromwell Paving - Cut into planks  Rear View of the Show Garden
Flower Show Crowd Cromwell Close
 Flower Show Crowd  Cromwell Paving Close