A Complete Guide to Garden Design

Deciding on how to design your garden can be difficult. We all want our gardens to be spaces we enjoy spending time, which is why the design is so important. When planning your garden design, it is important to take the size, shape, and style of your current garden into consideration. We have put together a guide to help you plan your new garden design, including features to improve your garden. Keep reading for all you need to know about designing a garden.

garden design guide

Planning Your Garden

The first step in planning your garden project should be establishing a design brief. Whether you are planning on employing a professional or completing the work yourself, it is important to have a clear understanding of what you want the final result to be. Not only does this mean you know what design you are aiming for, but it also gives you time to resolve any problems that you may face if you do not pre-plan your design. For example, somewhere you want to put a water feature may not be possible to link up the water system, so it is important to know this before you install the feature. 

The next step is to consider when in the year you want to undertake your project. We would always recommend doing this during the dryer, warmer months, where you are much more likely to get your project completed without having to pause for rain. Garden projects also mean a lot of outdoor sounds, so it’s important to do this when you’ll be able to enjoy being outside. Spring is probably the best season to do this, giving you the chance of decent weather and also meaning you should be able to complete the project in time for summer. 

Features to Improve Your Garden

Decorated Path

Having a decorated path in your garden is a great way to protect your garden from being stepped on, while also adding an extra touch to your design. Stepping stones can be used to bridge any section of your garden, such as through grass or flower beds, or even over water. Depending on the style of your garden, you can choose from traditional, irregular and contemporary stepping stones. 


Adding a patio to your garden offers functionality as well as style. Having the perfect place to host any gathering or event means you are more likely to sit in your garden. From birthdays to barbeques or even just a few light drinks, a patio is a perfect set piece for any occasion. What's more, is adding a patio is a great way to add a personal touch into the garden. With a wide variety of natural stones, all in different sizes, patterns, and colours, there is an option to suit any aesthetic. 


Having furniture in your garden can make the area feel more comfortable and enjoyable to live in. Whether you just want a simple bench to add that inviting touch, or an entire table for you to all sit around and enjoy, garden furniture is a great touch. After all, what is the point of creating such a beautiful garden if there is nowhere for you to sit and enjoy it? 

garden furniture


What may seem like a simple touch can actually have a huge impact on how your garden looks. You should choose your style of fencing based on your overall vision for your garden, fitting in with all of your key features. There is a range of styles for you to choose from, each one adding a bit of personality to your finished garden design.

Water Features

Having a water feature in your garden adds that extra special touch. Natural water features are designed to add decoration to your garden and outdoor space, as well as giving you the opportunity to have flowing water in your garden. Not only do they look fantastic, but they also create a relaxing sound that sets the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing afternoon in your sunny garden.


Ornaments can really impact the landscape of your garden. Not only do they add an extra dimension to your garden, but they also give a different texture and colour to your landscape. There is a range of garden ornaments you can choose from, so you are bound to find something that suits your own personal style and design. Whether you are looking for a friendly stone pet, or a lovely bird feeder to attract wildlife into your garden, there is a perfect ornament for everybody. 

Arches & Arbours

If you are looking to add a romantic and whimsical touch to your garden, archers and arbours are the perfect addition. Archers are perfect for allowing plants to climb and grow around while adding a beautiful arch for you to walk through as you enter your garden. Add an arbour for a lovely spot to sit and spend time in your garden, perfect for whilst reading a book and having a relaxing drink.