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Cobbles & Setts

Cobbles and setts are traditionally used for pathways and courtyards to give that old rustic feeling, popular to add atmosphere and gravitas to a driveway.

Now though they are common for creating features in gardens and lawns, with people using them to great effect to compliment their green space and add the rustic feel to other parts of their property.

We have a stunning range of cobbles and setts in a variety of materials, including the ever popular Indian sandstone setts which looks stunning in all weathers. Our cobbles and setts are available in many colours, allowing you to match the paving direct to the property or garden, so you can keep the paving in line with the design of the house or garden and let it compliment your design rather than causing contrast.

Cobbles and setts are extremely versatile pieces of paving. Take our Tumbled Himalayan cobbles as an example - our customers have used them for both driveways and path edgings. Their small size makes them ideal for creating different patterns, including paving circles and random patterns to really make the project your own. You could even get creative and design a picture or work from different coloured cobbles to really make your drive or path unique.

See below for all of our great deals on cobbles and setts from cheap paving supplier LSD.

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Set Descending Direction

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Whats the Difference Between Cobbles and Setts?

Cobbles and setts have a long and rich history in the paving world and have remained a popular material for paths, driveways and roads for centuries. Cobbles are usually more rustic and uneven pieces of stone, used to create a rustic and weathered appearance. Setts are more regular in shape than cobbles. Both cobblestones and setts are a really great option to create the perfect pathway, walkway, driveway or garden feature of your dreams.

What Material are Cobbles and Setts?

Cobbles and setts come in a wide range of materials from granite, sandstone, limestone and concrete. Each has different benefits - granite creates a hardwearing and attractive cobblestone. Limestone and sandstone provide beautiful colour variation across setts. Concrete cobbles have great benefits as they are man-made and can be made in varied colours and finishes.

How to Use Cobbles

The use of cobbles and setts goes back two thousand years to the Romans. They bring a rustic character to any garden as they bring to mind many historical towns and cities. Once laid cobbles and setts require very little maintenance as they are so hard-wearing which explains their historical importance.

The uses for cobbles and setts are endless and are sometimes used in the same way as block paving. Cobbles and setts can be used to make attractive pathways between different features in your garden which will be made to last. They can also be used for flower bed edgings, edgings around fountains, driveways, paths and patios. You can even use our cobbles and setts to outline paving patio circles.