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Indian Stone Paving

Here at Landscaping Supplies Direct, we offer a wide range of Indian stone paving slabs at affordable prices.

Indian sandstone paving is a very popular option in the UK for driveways and patios due to its quality finish, durability and versatility, and gives any garden a nice amount of rustic charm with the characterful subtle marks and ripples only found on natural stone. Indian sandstone is resistant to harsh weather and doesn’t wear or fade easily. This paving is also very easy to clean, as pressure washers will not damage its colour or finish.

We stock a wide range of Indian stone paving slabs from manufacturers like Marshalls and Hardstone, whose products are known as being exceptional value for money. 

Why Choose our Indian Sandstone Paving?

We directly import Indian sandstone paving products, cutting out the middleman, which allows us to offer extremely competitive prices, available for home delivery throughout the UK.

We sell many of our Indian sandstone paving products by the square meter, allowing you to order the exact amount of stone you need, which is especially helpful for smaller projects. The majority of our packs come in 4 different sizes of paving slab patio packs, which gives you the option of laying your paving down in different aesthetic patterns. Browse our range below, or get in touch with our team today for more information.

Click on the products below to view more options, eg Circles, Single Size Paving Slabs, Walling, Cobbles and Setts in these colours.

We constantly review our Indian Sandstone prices so that we can offer the best possible deals to our customers. Savings are available on orders purchasing multiple packs.

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Best Priced Indian Stone Paving

Our connections over in India supply us with beautiful varieties of sandstone paving.   It is a hugely popular export and ships to many countries around the globe.  The majority of the sandstone comes from an area in India called Rajasthan where there are so many more varieties than can be found in the rest of the world.   Clearly the indians used their natural stone for not just paving projects but for many different uses inside and outside.  Popular names like Mint Fossil, Raj Green, Kandla Grey and Rippon Buff and now common used names for patio slabs all around the world.  Sandstone, even though it is a layered stone, can be used in a variety of thicknesses for indoor and outdoor flooring tiles.  India over the centuries has built temples, palaces and significant cultural symbols with stone mined from their country, not to mention Indian buildings like offices, hotels and monuments.  When you buy indian stone, you are getting a connection to the stonework history of a country that has been around for far longer that we have and will continue to be endorsed by the very country it comes from for an eternity.  

High-Quality Indian Stone

Another popular material to come out of India is their limestone paving.  The most popular being the Kota Black, again from the Rajastan region but the city of Kota.  With a more orange peel type surface texture and a almost acrylic looking edge the limestone paving are very different to the sandstones.  Many customers tend to seal their black limestone as it does have a tendency to turn lighter overtime.  There are many different sealants on the market, one even specifically to bring the blackness back to this paving, called Slate and Limestone Sealant.

How much is Indian Stone?

How long is a piece of string?  Its a common misconception that people think Indian stone is one product, well technically this is partly true as it comes from the ground of country but that's pretty much where it ends.  There are various colours which affect price due to where they are located as some quarries are only accessible for certain times fo the year.  The finish of the stone also affects the price riven or natural paving being the cheapest with honed or polished paving being the most expensive.  Other factors that recently have massively changed the price of Indian stone is fluctuations in the currency, the Rupee which tracks the US Dollar and also shipping rates which hit $8000 in August 2021 when they were more like $1000 2 years prior to this.

What different finishes can I get in natural stone?

The main finishes of Indian stone paving are riven sandstone slabs or natural finish, tumbled or aged, textured or sand-blasted and polished or honed.   The riven is the most popular and best priced, where the other finishes are suited to more niche homes and gardens.  As the contemporary landscaped garden is becoming fashionable the honed finish has become a favourite whereas the tumbled finish is very popular in more traditional gardens with an aged appearance.  We have only just mentioned the paving slabs side of the market, there are more specialist finishes which include natural Indian stone walling, paving focal points such as patio circles and then finishing touches like natural stone steps.

What sizes do Indian stone come in?

They typically mirror what concrete paving slabs and porcelain paving slabs come in which is either the 600 series or 560 series.  The biggest in the 600 being 1200x600mm and in the 560 840 x 560mm.  If you are needing a specific size of Indian stone paving go to our single size paving category which has a huge range of garden paving slabs.

Buy Indian stone patio slabs online from LSD

Buy our Indian Stone Patio Slabs and get the best value for money. If you have any questions or want to find out more details about our range of patio paving slabs, just give us a call on 0845 077 3838 or 01142 310 911 or send us a message via the Contact Page. A member of our friendly team will be more than happy to answer your queries and offer professional paving advice.