Custom Stone Cutting Service & Bespoke Product Manufacture

Indian Stone Cutting Service 

Due to the facilities on our site, we are able to offer a cutting service on some products to cater for more bespoke orders. This service is available only in the Hardstone range, our directly imported natural stone products, which includes Indian Sandstones, Limestones and Granites.

We are able to cut slabs or copings/edgings to match the exact needs of customers, one example of the previous use of our service is the slimming down of our Sandstone copings to match the width of an already installed wall.

Please phone for more details or quotes as each job will be priced on demand and will depend on the availability of the stone. We typically work out cutting as a flat one-off fee of £20.00. Then it works out at £12.50/meter for 22mm slabs and £25.00/meter for the 50mm steps, these prices are plus VAT.   

Stonemarket Bespoke Natural Stone

Launching at the end of 2017 Stonemarket now offers a bespoke stone service.

Stonemarket strives to work alongside the best garden designers and landscapers in the industry, offering products from an outstanding selection of the very best available stone the world has to offer.

The Stonemarket bespoke service allows you to select from the below range of natural stone products and create unique hard landscaping elements in any design, shape or size; from paving to walling and pool copings, steps to feature pieces.  Therefore offering true originality in design and allows intricacy in design specifications.

Stonemarket Bespoke Stone Options

Simply email us in a basic drawing with rough dimensions and we will be able to obtain a preliminary quote for you.  If you agree to the preliminary quote we will take a deposit from you and then produce more accurate CAD drawings and arrange samples.  Once all this is agreed the stone will be cut using the latest technology in stone masonry and then delivered to you.

All Stonemarket sandstone is covered by the Stone Standard quality mark which gives you complete assurance that the stone is fit for purpose and exceeds the base technical levels outlined in the British Standard.


  • Stonemarket Bespoke

    Bespoke sandstone sundial in Avant Garde Silver with brass numerals

  • Stonemarket Bespoke 2

    Bespoke stone panel in Avant Garde Caramel

  • Stonemarket Bespoke 3
    Stonemarket Bespoke 4

    Concept drawings are carefully converted to CAD drawings

  • Stonemarket Bespoke 5

    Avant Garde chaise lounge in Imperial, bespoke granite drain cover

  • Stonemarket Bespoke 6

    Bespoke copings and steps with a groove for LED lighting Avant Garde

  • Stonemarket Bespoke 7

    Bespoke limestone wall panel in Dorian and bespoke seating in Avant Garde Silver