Garden Paving Ideas

Create The Feel

Here at LSD we are faced with a diverse range of customers who know exactly what they want and also customers who are just starting to plan their garden and patio.

Due to an increase of the latter we, therefore, decided to introduce "Create the Feel". With inspiration from various major suppliers different products we have put together a range of different scenarios that tend to fit with the enquiries we get.

The staff at LSD are always here to help you with your ultimate decision but seeing the ideas with your own eyes is a big help to get 'a feel' for what you like. Just click any of the gardens below to begin your garden creation journey.

Urban Garden Paving Ideas Urban

With today's speed of life it is essential that we all get time to relax and unwind.

Cottage Garden Paving Ideas Cottage

It isn't essential that you live in a cottage to create the outdoor living space of a rustic country cottage

Small Space Garden Paving Ideas Small Space

No garden is too small, its just how you use the space to its maximum potential that counts.

Peace and Tranquill Garden Paving Ideas Peace and Tranquil

A place to escape and relax while being functional for entertaining.

Mediterranean Garden Paving Ideas Mediterranean

A place to escape and relax while being functional for entertaining

Heritage Garden Paving Ideas Heritage

Open spaces with a historic atmosphere with plenty of aged features.

Contemporary Garden Ideas Contemporary

Reinvigorated ideas, new technology, and clean crisp garden designs.

Country Garden Ideas Country Living

Large open spaces, rural designs and old style paving.

LSD's Pinterest Board

We have our own Pinterest board where over the years we have been pinning things we like. If there is anything you like please feel free to give us a call or email and we will do our best to advise what products we have that can help create the perfect garden design for you.

Find more of our boards here: