Essential Tools you need for your Garden

It can be difficult to know where to start when purchasing gardening tools, with so many different tools on offer it can be easier to go overbored and pick up unnecessary equipment. This completed guide looks at all the essential tools you need for your garden, so you only have to purchase what you need. Whether you are a beginner gardener or an expert you’ll need these tool to get the most out of your garden.

The Tools You'll Need

Gardening Gloves

This may seem like a simple one but having a reliable pair of gardening gloves will serve you well throughout all gardening tasks. Gloves are an essential piece of equipment, which protect your hands against thorns and splinters. Investing in a high-quality pair is important as you’ll be using them every time you garden.

Pruning Shears 

">Pruning shears are used to maintain and trim plants so they don’t grow out of control. Their sharp blade is surprisingly versatile, allowing them to tackle both small and large plants. It’s important to find the pair that’s right for you, the shears should fit comfortably within your hand and not need an excessive amount of force. For those with a weaker grip, choosing a pair with a sharper blade can help reduce the amount of force needed. We recommend the Bahco, P126 Bypass Secateurs for their versatile functionality, that makes them a great fit for all pruning.


Loppers provide the solution for tackling plants that are too strong for pruning shears. Their larger frame allows for a better grip, creating a greater force with less applied strength. They also offer a larger blade than pruning shears helping them cut through stronger branches. Having a pair of loppers is essential when dealing with larger plants and can also reduce the unnecessary strain needed with smaller shears. The Bahco P140 Bypass Lopping Shears are a great set of Loppers that can handle larger, difficult plants.

Hand Trowel

Hand Trowels are an essential tool seen in every garden shed. They are perfect for transplanting bedding plants, pulling up weeds and planting containers. Hand Trowels are a simple tool, necessary for maintaining smaller plants that larger trowels aren’t equipped to deal with. We recommend this Faithfull Stainless Steel Hand Tool Set including both a Hand Trowel and a gardening fork, perfect for handling smaller plants.


The spade is a staple piece of equipment for gardeners new and old. Spades are the workhorse of gardening tools, they make digging holes for plants easy and edging precise. Chose a spade that is versatile, one that is light enough for you to handle but can still move dirt efficiently. A spade is an investment, if maintained correctly they can last decades, so it’s worth getting the best one you can afford.


Rakes are an important tool for maintaining a perfect lawn. Leaves can cause serious damage to your lawn if they aren’t attended to, especially in the autumn months. Having a rake handy will help you clear your lawn and prevent the leaves from damaging it. Choosing the right rake is essential for this, one that is too heavy may damage the lawn, so opt for one with a light head made from plastic or light metal. The Bulldog Evergreen Lawn Rake Aluminium Shaft is perfect for this, providing a light frame that can easily be controlled so your lawn isn’t damaged.

Hose Reel

A hose real is the essential piece of watering equipment needed for your garden. In the warmer and drier months of the year providing your plants with enough water is a necessity to prevent them from dying. A Hose Reel offers an effective and time efficient option. The extendable hose means you will be able to reach all areas of your garden even if it’s on the larger side. The Hose Reel once connected to a water supply provides a running stream of water for your garden, making them much more time efficient than a watering can. There are many great hose reels to choose from but we recommend the Hozelock 2382 Hose Box which offers a quality hose at an affordable price.

Hedge Shears

Maintaining a well kept hedge can make a garden appear neet and looked after but you need the correct tools for the job. Hedge shears stainless steel blades can make trimming and taming unwanted branches easy, helping you keep your hedge neat and tidy. Choose a pair of shears with a sturdy handle that has the right amount of length for you. If your taller opt for a larger set of shears, this will make them easier to use and reduce strain on your arms. Having an adjustable pair is a good option, the Faithfull Samurai Telescopic Hedge Shears 710-910mm offer just this, letting you adjust them so they are right for you.

All these tools are essential for your garden but that doesn’t mean you are limited to them. Be sure to check out the full range of professional gardening tools available through our site.