Choosing the right manufacturer for you is not an easy decision and is ultimately down to you.  Different manufacturers all have different target markets so the majority of them will have a paving product that suits your requirements.   Marshalls and Aggregate Industries are the two market leaders.  With Stonemarket being owned by Marshalls and Bradstone by Aggregate Industries.  Their after sales support and customer service is second to none and will always deal with any problems efficiently and effectively should there be any, as would be expected from a highly reputable company. 

Strata Stones, Global Stone and Natural Paving all fall under the same primary category as they specialise in Natural Stone and leave concrete/ reconstituted stone to Marshalls, Stonemarket and Bradstone.  They too all have high levels of quality control with factories in India and large quantities of stock in the UK. 

This then leaves the Hardstone brand, which is not as well know as the others and is owned by our parent company.  We import direct from India ourselves from various different companies therefore enabling us to cut out the middle man allowing you to by direct from the importer and therefore saving money.  We have recently moved into the concrete market and have access to manufacturing bespoke concrete paving that is very competitively priced if you are on a budget.

So the choice of paving is down to you, but a member of our sales team is always available on the phone should you need any reassurance.

Top Tip: Use the filter wizard on the left hand size after making your selection to narrow down your results to finalise your choice.