Stonemarket - Buff - Apex Copings and Pier Caps

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Stonemarket - Buff - Apex Copings and Pier Caps

Quick Find Code: 001159
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Single Coping - 610 x 140mm 70
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Double Coping - 610 x 285mm 40
£753.41  per pack
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Pier Cap - 380 x 380mm 24
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Pier Cap - 530 x 530mm 4
£271.01  per pack
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Peaked Copings and Pyramid Pier Caps have a beautifully smooth finish and come in several sizes to suit most new and existing walls.

Single coping height edge - 32mm, Single coping height middle - 48mm

Double coping height edge - 32mm, Double coping height middle - 52mm

Pier Cap 305mm edge - 35mm, Pier Cap 305mm middle - 75mm

Pier Cap 380mm edge - 50mm, Pier Cap 380mm middle - 100mm

Pier Cap 460mm edge - 53mm, Pier Cap 460mm middle - 105mm

Pier Cap 530mm edge - 65mm, Pier Cap 530mm middle - 128mm

More Information
Quick Find Code 001159
Manufacturer Stonemarket
Supplier Colour Buff
Material Concrete (Man Made)
Surface Finish Smooth
Edge Finish Flat
Thickness Policy Thickness stated is subject to manufacturers tolerances which is typically +-3mm.

Stonemarket have been one of the most innovative companies providing the highest quality of paving options in the current market. Stonemarket was first established in 1970, their reputation for high quality and attractive paving makes them one of the most sought out for companies that offer a variety of patio styles, driveways and even walling. Landscaping Supplies Direct has been an official trading partner of Stonemarket since 2010… 

Over the years, Stonemarket has been known for their unique take and development of their product, creating products with great designs using concrete and also providing products made only from the best natural stone. One of their most popular products is the Avant Garde paving, this is a natural sandstone product with a textured/sandblasted surface finish that comes in multiple colours such as Caramel, Imperial, silver and obsidian. They also have popular concrete products such as their Vintage Manor collection that you can get as a project pack, walling blocks and even as a compass points circle! 

Whilst some organisations do not engage in auditing how their stone is produced. Stonemarket have created Fairstone which is an ethically sourced range of natural paving, their main aims with this is to ensure that no child labour is used, living wages are paid and Health & safety standards are in place.

Concrete Concrete paving is a versatile and cost effective option for garden paving. Concrete mixture is usually mixed with dyes and then left in a mould, these molds can even be made using real paving slabs to mimic natural stone more accurately. The slabs are then vibrated which gives them extra strength and are left to dry, this process is called curing. Sometimes different aggregates and materials are added to create different textures, some of which are made from reconstituted slabs. Because of the way concrete slabs are made the design possibilities are endless. Straying away from a regular concrete slab some manufactures mimic natural sandstone and limestone or even wooden stepping stones.