Walling & Edging

Walling & Edging

Walling and edging provide excellent finishing touches to your outdoor space, or could also be used as boundaries for driveways or pathways.

We have a great selection of walling and edging paving stones to choose from, including top brands such as Bradstone paving, Marshalls paving and Stonemarket paving.

Our spectacular selection also includes a variety of designs, colours and sizes for your wall or edging, so you can match them up to your current path or patio so everything works well together and nothing contrasts.

There are so many options for walling in you garden, from the traditional looking old town walling from Bradstone paving, to the modern avante garde wall from Stonemarket paving and everything in between; so you can choose the style of walling that will suit your garden or patio.

Edging not only looks great along the edge of a garden, path or drive; it also helps create clear boundaries which can make your space look neat and stylish compared to those who don't have edging. Our edging products are available in a variety of colours and styles from top brands to give you the best edges paving possible.